Welcome to the home page for wxNews

wxNews was created as a replacement newsreader for people used to XNews. As such it shares many similar characteristics to XNews, while at the same time cleaning up the interface by moving some of the menu's into configuration dialogs..

I also decided to develop this program as a learning experience to learn wxWidgets, as well as give me replacement for XNews on Linux. The closest news reader I found to XNews was PAN, however parts of its interface was confusing to me, and currently undocumented. I originally looked into modifying PAN for my personal use, and then forward it back. However, PAN's sourcecode was difficult to understand partly because its a Gnome app and as such has to simulate object oriented techniques in C.

While reading the usenet archives for comp.news.readers I noticed other people making similar requests for XNews readers on Linux. As such I decided to host this project on SourceForge to give other people who requested this another option..